Freckles – Allison V

Posted on May 15th, 2012 by Moe

Another rad friend joins the freckled masses, and submits to my wile freckly hunting ways. Say hello to Allison and her freckles, glasses, and total awesomeness.

We took a stroll through her neighborhood, Bucktown, looking for some old beat-up garages and walls but were mostly thwarted by new constructions, renovated alley structures, and the general upkeep of the area around her; Seriously, it is getting harder to find interesting grimy and cool backdrops for this, though I guess that is part of the fun of shooting sort of from the hip. A lot of the time was spent catching up and chatting it up but we managed to find a couple of locations that were what I usually want. This time a corrugated fence for a clean pattern, and the edge of this building that was painted black and was splotchy and dirty.

This is the head end of the sunny months for us midwesterners and so the freckles are not in full force but they are there and they look great! Next up I think I need to drag my sister out to get some pictures of her freckles, little red-headed child that she is, you should note she is the older sibling.

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