Music Me – Bree Gordon

Posted on January 7th, 2010 by Moe

Music Me is a portrait series of people whose work and sometimes life is in music (industry) in some way.

Bree is one of the most talented singers I know – no offense to the others, as they are all really great – but when listening to her sing anything, everyone pretty much stops and listens. Well, it seems that way to me. Actually, the same day I arrived in Chicago, my sister took me to meet everyone at a bar where this band, Boon, was playing a show that night. Everyone was awesome – then Bree took the stage and just really rocked some awesome tunes out. Seriously, I sound like a fanboy and I might be, but it might just be a deep respect for what she does.

I have seen her perform Rock & Roll and Jazz, and just about any other type of music while at work or just hanging out. A laugh as entertaining as anyone I know. Seriously, the laugh is entertaining on its own.

Bree’s first gig: Unofficially, I stood up and sang with my dad and his bar/church band at The Colorado Pizza Kitchen.  I was 4, and I sang Puff The Magic Dragon […] I suppose the first time I really felt like I was gigging was at EJ’s Coffee Shop in Albuquerque.  Mr. Nielsen, our guitar teacher (who looked just like Ned Flanders, but shredded like Jimmy Page) arranged a night for his soloists to take over an open mic night at this hippie hangout.  It was awesome.  I think I played “Landslide”…

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