Freckles – Ever

Posted on September 12th, 2010 by Moe

…or How to Select a Picture from so many fun shots!

Lets start this one with thanking my friend Erin for pimping my project out to friends, she, and a few other friends, have been mentioning my project to whomever crosses their path and that is just awesome. Ever and her friend Lindsey ( to be posted at a later date ) are the result of Erin’s helping hand ( mouth? ).

So the problem is which one to pick for printing for my project, ha! Of course its going to be difficult. Do I go with the simple, but beautiful, portrait or do I go with one of the funny and charming ones, they both show so well the big freaking personality attached to this woman! I laughed and enjoyed this so much.

Enjoy dear reader, more to come soon and don’t forget your help is greatly appreciated :)

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